[ADMIN ACCESS ONLY] Subpage Listing (sitemap-like)

Classic Google Sites - Insert "Common" items category: item "Subpage listing".
Used as a sort of Sitemap.

Subpage Listing Properties
Title: (empty)
Show subpages of: top level
Show levels: all
Width: (empty) pixels (leave empty for 100% width)
Appearance: with title heading

The three (3) categories of Insert:
1. Common (Image, Link, Table of contents, Subpage listing, Horizontal line, and +1 button)
2. Gadgets (Recent posts / aka Recent Announcements, Recently updates files, Recent list items, Text Box, HTML Box, and More gadgets...)
3. Google (Apps Script, Calendar, Chart, Drive <with 8 items: Document, Drawing, Folder, Form, Image, Presentation, Spreadsheet, and Video>, Map, and YouTube)